Course curriculum

    1. What Is A Curriculum?

    1. Break Free from Standardized Education

    2. Break Free from Education Guided Mediation

    1. Understanding Learning Styles and Behaviors

    2. Learning Styles Assessment

    3. Learning Styles Cheat Sheet

    1. The Importance of Interests in Learning

    2. How to Find Your Learner's Interests

    3. The Importance of Interests in Learning

    1. Including Your Family Values

    2. Where Values Show Up in Lessons

    3. The Role Environment Plays in Learning

About this course

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  • 19 lessons

Bonus Print Outs!

You can print out many sections of this course but you'll need your learning style assessment and your learning style cheat sheet by your side. Print out as much as you need because every child learns differently.

  • Learning Style Assessment

    $50 value

    Know how your child prefers to learn is key to customizing learning material. Although the internet is loaded with LSAs it is hard to know which one is best for children and what learning styles it caters to. We've done the leg work for you and added the perfect assessment for children of all ages, as a downloadable tool.

  • Learning Style Cheat Sheet

    $200 value

    You'll need to download this handy cheat sheet and reference it to identify your child's learning behaviors. This cheat sheet will help you know what to expect from your child as a learner and most importantly, what types of lessons your child needs.


“Creatively-Ed designed an Activities-based curriculum for my small homeschool group. The lessons were so unique and there were so many aspects the students could relate to, and they were based on the students’ learning preferences. It made learning feel natural. ”

P. Worcas

“I was referred to Creatively-Ed by a friend when I began my homeschool journey. From the initial meeting & assessment to the finished curriculum, her attentiveness and passion for what she does were outstanding. She produced a curriculum for my daughter, that was very unique to my daughter and her interest in learning flourished. I will DEFINITELY work with and recommend Creatively Ed! ”


“I have been fortunate to work with Yvette years. She is an excellent trainer, facilitator, and curriculum developer. We started working together at a nonprofit and now she currently serves as a consultant to my company. Several years ago, I received a contract for a local authority to provide housing training: I provided Yvette with the content. In a matter of days, She made several improvements, taking my content to the next level. My client loved the changes, as did the trainees. We were invited back the next year to facilitate the training a second time. You will not be disappointed with the high-level, quality services she provides. I highly recommend Creatively-Ed. ”


The child shouldn't conform to the lesson, the lesson should conform to the child...